This is apparently an antique iron. Yes, my finger is in the way, the result of mobile phone photography and too-big hands. Since I only realized my finger is there after I took it and then had to leave in short notice I can't set up another shot again. Maybe I'll fix it.... someday.

Actually, this one doesn't seem THAT old as the metal looks machine cut. Not sure if I could date it but if I were to guess I would say it's around the 1940s-60s after industry mills for metal tooling are in widespread use (which explains its machine-milled construction). I could be wrong though.

I was not able to find the more 'authentic' type, which are the ones where you put hot charcoal into them, close it up and then proceed with the ironing until it cools, which you then take out the old charcoal and then put in new ones, while making sure not to transfer the charcoal into your clothes.. tricky. Also the one of the many source of fires in the old days.

This one is the 'heat transfer' type, where you press it against something hot, such as a stove and transfer the heat over to iron out the wrinkle on your clothes. Probably safer & less messy.

Of all the old stuff I have this is probably the least interesting. Still, it's a steal. So worth keeping as a memento of what people of the old days had to go through while us modern aged humans take such modern amenities such as electricity and safety cut-off switches even steam ironing to pander to our ever lazy lifestyle.


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